Well, 2016 was quite the whirlwind.

In my DFIR career spanning government (NSM), contractor (cyber investigations), and now private sector (DFIR consulting), I’ve always been passionate, determined, and purposeful in making the time to get better, faster, and stronger at what I do. As a team member, I have extended the products of this passion to the team whenever possible so that we all win together. However, it has most always stopped just there, rarely extending past our internal team(s) into the DFIR community at large. Today, that all changes, my DFIR friends.

I cannot convey how much I have learned and benefitted from others’ blog posts, research, and tool developments. Well, I can, and I will throughout various posts to come. Nonetheless, this past year, the onus began weighing heavily on my mind to give back to the community that has helped me do so much so well. So, a few months ago I began putting a blog into motion, aiming to capture various topics, insights, tips, walkthroughs, tutorials, and/or anything generally worthwhile of thought. It has taken me longer than anticipated, but better late than never, right?

Though much of the blog will likely contain technical content, I will also be developing and publishing non-technical content that I find equally important (and often times more so) to a successful (DFIR) career. As will be the case with every post to follow, I hope this blog can help in some way to foster discussion, collaboration, and overall participation within the DFIR community (and simply give back).

I’m going to take the holidays and remainder of the year to finally sit down and shore up some posts to hopefully get the blog going in the new year.

Until then, see you all in 2017.

Please Note: This blog does not reflect the opinions or views of my employer and solely reflects those of my own. However, any mistakes, oversights, or generally unfavorable posts were definitely done by someone else.